Howard County Home Sellers – The 5 Best Uses of Your Time and Dollars – #3 – Curb Appeal (Cost: Low; Return: High)

Howard County Home Sellers – The 5 Best Uses of Your Time and Dollars – #3 – Curb Appeal (Cost: Low; Return: High)

Curb AppealCurb Appeal:  You knew it was coming, didn’t you?  Howard County Home Sellers should know that curb appeal matters.  I always let my buyers know that it’ll be very helpful to them to DRIVE BY the homes they see on their internet searches, past the home, through the neighborhood, and at different times during the day and/or week, to get a feel for the area.  So take my word for it, you will definitely have more buyers IN your house, contemplating buying it, if you get them OUT OF THE CAR and THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR!

TO the Front Door:

  • Paint the front door, along with the door and nearby window trim.
  • Replace the door hardware, house numbers, and weary porch lights.  Ensure your door opens and closes easily and that the locks work properly.  You don’t want the agent to have to struggle with the front door lock in order to get inside.
  • Powerwash and/or sweep the front steps and sidewalk.
  • Trim the bushes, mulch the flowerbeds, and add some flowers – and then keep them watered.
  • Go out to the street, imagine where your potential buyers will park, and then follow their walk up to your front door.  Ensure it’s a pleasant one!

THROUGH the Front Door:

So you’ve walked up to your front door.  Now open it, walk in just a step or two and then stop and look around.  Try and see your home with new eyes.

  • Is it welcoming?
  • Is it sparkling clean?
  • Is it uncluttered?
  • Is it light?  Neutralized?  Freshly painted?
  • Could a buyer imagine themselves and their furnishings in your house?

Need someone to look for you?  Give me a call.  It’s much easier to look with someone else in order to see what a buyer might see.  I’m happy to help!

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Best regards, Gretchen

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